You should feel comfortable with your DJ right away. You should be familiar with that vibe, a connection you get with certain people; that is your intuition talking, start listening.

When I sell my DJ services, I don’t sell based on price or even music. What I offer is peace of mind. I offer a guarantee that your event will be what you wanted, how you want it, and will go as smoothly
as possible as I can.

Remember, confidence without arrogance. Personable and trustworthy. You should be able to trust your DJ with any aspect of his/her job. If you can’t establish trust, then you need to move on. After most of my gigs are over, I tend to remain friends and stay in touch with most of my clients. I built my business on these personal relationships, and it is still how I get most of my work.

As a result, my past clients are more than happy to recommend me to their friends. Ask for recommendations from your friends too. Also, make sure to look for contracts or other official business papers. Any legitimate business uses contracts.

The DJ’s Role in Planning

The DJ is typically the only vendor who will be there all day. We are there before the ceremony, during the cocktail hour and until the last guest leaves. I like to be involved and kept informed about all the planning that I am directly or indirectly involved in.

For example, I like to know the timeline for the entire wedding day. After all, I will be playing a particular piece of music to highlight every different event, and I take an active role and offer my advice whenever
needed or requested. I am a very hands-on, helpful guy. I have helped clients set up the hall,  held down arbours on windy days, heck, I’ve even gone to the drug store to buy personal products for a panicky bride. Every DJ will be different, but from my experience, most DJs are more than willing to be helpful