The Rear Projection Solution offers uniform brightness and enhanced horizontal viewing angles. It gives you superb quality of image regardless of the lighting effect in brightly-lit rooms or even outdoors. This technology is engineered with a professional projector, optical diffusion screen and a mounting system. The projection equipment is hidden behind the screen, shooting straight towards the audience and distributing bright, sharp images into a predefined viewing zone through its precision lens. It looks modern and stylish. Various multi-screen configurations are available to fit different applications.

Outdoor Events

Digital advertising in shopping malls, tunnels or outdoor has become more popular than ever. Many advertisers choose digital advertising as one of the essential media to promote their products on an extra large screen with superior clarity image to grab customers’ attention. Rear projection is widely used in concerts and outdoor events. A good rear projection screen redirects the projected light path and provides sharp, crystal clear and bright images even in high ambient environments. It is a perfect choice for broadcasting in the outdoor event despite strong sunlight at the venue. The screens are available in different sizes up to 200-inch to fit various environments.