What are the benefits of dancing?? Why people like to dance?? What is that which cannot let your feet stop when the music is on?? The answer to all these questions is straightforward. Dance is a mode to express oneself in front of others. There are many good things about dancing. It gives us a sense of unity and self-realisation. It offers physical and mental relaxation. It is a form of exercise which motivates us to be in shape.

Dance has no age limits. Everyone with interest in dance can go for it. It makes you feel happy and boosts your energy. Dance gives a positive impact on the health of the dancers. Dancing is that string which helps in connecting with other people. Dance is an excellent way to keep ourselves away from health problems. Health problems like heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure etc. can be solved by dance. It also acts as a stress relieving and booster. Going to dance classes generally helps to reduce the stress from the minds of people.

Not only this, but dance also helps in socialising. It is the key to long-term happiness. It helps in making friends and is a great way to socialise with people. Dancing also helps in maintaining proper body shape. It stretches the body muscles and joints and increases stamina. Dancing is the best way to boost one’s confidence and self-esteem.

However, it should be noted that just because people enjoy the sight of dance performances, it doesn’t mean that they can also easily do it. Dance is a passion, an art which requires a lot of practice and dedication. It demands a commitment of time. A real dance is one which appeals to the emotions of the spectators. So it is always said that dance with your heart and soul.