A club job is the dream job of anyone who wants to spin disks and become a DJ. But it takes time to land the dream job. You are going to have to work at a lot of other clubs, smaller clubs before you land the big job.

Once you have a following, you can then seek out a job at a large club where you can earn money or, in some cases, a percentage of the profits of the club. The choice is yours. Many of those who work in this industry prefer to take a percentage rather than a flat fee. In some cases, the DJ becomes part owner of the club. When people start to attend a club because they like the guy who is spinning the disks and mixing the music, club owners take notice and will often offer a piece of the club as a way to pay the DJ.

A DJ does not have to stop there. There are some who go on to perform as artists in their own right. If you have singing talent, for example, you may wish to look for more fame in the recording industry. Once you have made a name for yourself as a gifted performer, you may find that other doors open for you in the entertainment industry.

To get a job at a hot club, you are going to need more than just a demo tape and a few followers. You are going to have to have a resume of clubs where you have worked. You should always continue to look to better yourself when it comes to playing as a DJ in clubs so that you can get to the top of your goals. As it was mentioned before, clubs come and go. Music changes. Trends change. So it is important that you strike while the iron is hot and continue to create higher goals for yourself so that you can continue to climb the ladder.

You should make as many connections with club owners as possible to get a chance to perform in their clubs. The best clubs are those that are located in the larger cities, so it may be necessary for you to relocate if this is the job that you want to have. If you get in with one of the hot clubs, you can make a lot of money and enjoy your successful career as a disk spinning DJ.