One of the ultimate keys to dressing your straight body shape is to dress the bottom and top of your body proportionally while enhancing the waist. You can also wear formfitting clothes like tube-type dresses and create a waist using adding a dark and wide belt. However, you can also create more attractive and curvaceous effects by adding volume proportionally to the lower or upper body and matching and mixing suggested separates.

Instant Fashion Tips for your Straight Body Shapes
Numerous fashion tips specifically apply to individuals with straight body shapes. So, if you have this kind of body shape, dressing up should not be a challenge. Your objective in dressing should be creating an illusion of an hourglass shape or figure. No matter what your body shape or type is, balancing the body will always create a pleasing effect.

Creating Curves with Appropriate Colors
Wear colour of identical or similar brightness on your lower and upper body while putting in a darker colour on the waist. Examples are wearing dresses that are light coloured with dark and wide belts and wearing shirts that are light coloured around the shoulders or bust and dark coloured below the bust. Pair these with bright coloured skirts or pants.
Suggested Dresses for Girls with Straight Body Shapes
If you are a girl with a straight body shape, you can select dresses with fitted waists, full skirts, and dresses with embellishments and cuts that add volume to your shoulders and bust and draw attention at the same time.

Additional Fashion Tips
Go for attention-seeking tops with necklines, cuts, and embellishments that add volume to your shoulders and busts while emphasizing your waistline. When choosing a jacket, pick the one with structured shoulders, nipped-in waist, and a flared bottom. Jackets which come to the hip-bone are the most ideal and flattering for your straight body type.

Accessories and Bottoms for Straight Body Shapes
For a straight body shape, ladies are advised to use fashion accessories like padded bras, wide belts and body shapers trimming your midline. Choose full skirts with amazing embellishments and details and the ones that generate attention. Choose pants that have flap-pockets and jeans that are whiskering in the hips. Slightly flared, boot cut and trouser cuts are the most flattering for this body shape.

Having a straight body shape may require you to have a specific look or fashion style that may not be practical for other people. But remember, you have all the liberty to dress in style according to your body shape. You can take cues from shapes and cuts and create your unique style. You can experiment, but of course, always be guided with fashion tips that are meant for individuals like you with straight body shape. Shop for fashion accessories and garments that will make you look your best with your straight body shape.