Before you can hope to become a DJ, you need to invest in the right equipment.  You can invest in equipment that costs thousands of dollars or get started with a turntable and some downloaded music that you put on your computer.  You should also have an amplifier that will be able to turn up the volume.

One important thing to remember about music equipment is that you get what you pay for.  If you hope to become successful as a DJ, you are going to want to continue to invest in better equipment so that you can improve the quality of your sound.  The better the amplifier, the better the sound.  You need to have a very clear sound to get the people dancing.

Computers have made it easier to not only acquire music but also to play it to others.  However, the stereo sound that emits from most computers is not good enough quality to play for others in a club.  You should invest in equipment that will enable you to get started so that the sound that you play is not only audible but crystal clear as well.

A microphone is also essential if you are going to be a DJ.  You are going to be more than just a record spinner, you are going to be a personality.  This means that you have to speak over the microphone when you are playing your music.  Some of those in the industry will creatively use the mic to amplify the sound further.   You can get a beginners kit if you want to be a DJ for about one thousand dollars.  This will give you all of the equipment that you need to set up in a club and be able to spin vinyl as well as mix in your music.

There are various ways to get the equipment that you need to become a DJ.  The best way to buy this equipment is to get it used.  You can often get a better deal on used equipment than you can on new equipment and also get better quality for your money.  Buying equipment from a DJ who is either going out of business or one who is upgrading their equipment is the best way to get a bargain on what you need for your outfit.

A turntable is the most crucial piece of equipment for the club DJ.  This will enable you to play vinyl as well as mix your music to the sound of the vinyl record.  You can manoeuvre the vinyl record in a way that you cannot a CD to give you even a more unique sound.

You need to have a way to be able to have the sound heard.  You also can use a synthesiser as a way to distort the sound of the music, again to create your sound.  This can produce an electronic quality to the sound that you are playing.  This may or may not work well with the music that you are trying to create.

In short, you need to have a way to play music to people so that they can hear it well, over a series of speakers and amplifiers that are connected to the speakers.  You should have a volume control panel so that you can play with the sound.  If you are planning on spinning records, you need a turntable so that you can also create your unique music.  Also, getting a synthesiser is a good idea to make your sound unique.  A microphone is necessary to have your voice heard.

Some of those who start out in the DJ business start out with very little equipment and gradually begin to build themselves up.  Consider older rock bands, for one moment.  They did not start off with the best quality instruments when they first began playing.  If you have a good sound, and it is clear and loud enough for people to hear, you can then start to add to your equipment as you go along.

Of course, the essential equipment that you can have as a DJ is an extensive catalogue of music.  You can get music from various sources, including online downloads.  You should have your music organised in such a way that you know where everything is and that you can play the right music at the right time.  The more music you have, the more successful you will be when it comes to being a DJ.

When you are looking for vinyl, you can search for used records as well as new.  New vinyl albums, which used to be at one time the gold standard when it came to what people used to listen to music, have shot up in price in recent years.  Since the CD became the gold standard of music listening in the 1990s, vinyl albums went by the wayside.  There was a resurgence in vinyl in the early part of the 21st century, and now many musicians are honoured when their music comes out “in vinyl.”  A vinyl record is a 33 rpm record that plays on a turntable with the use of a needle.  At one time, this was one of the few ways that people were able to listen to music that they purchased.

Today, of course, there are many opportunities to get music.  You can download a mix of music right off your computer and put it to CD.  You can also purchase CD music from a variety of different sources.  If you are planning on being a club DJ, you might want to experiment with different types of genres when it comes to your music, so it pays to have music from all different kinds of genres.  If you are planning on getting gigs as a wedding DJ, you should also have a large assortment of music, especially popular tunes and dance music.  You want to have the old standards as well as the latest hits when you are planning on hosting parties or weddings so that you can take requests.

There is no reason for any DJ to be without music today.  Because it is so easy to download from the internet, and just about any song is available, you can build quite a collection of music when you are becoming a DJ.  Getting the music is not as important as organising it in such a way that you know exactly how to get to it and when.  You can do this via your computer.  Most of the DJ s today will use their computer laptops as a way to organise their music so that they can get to a specific song within a matter of seconds.  Having your music arranged by computer is similar to how music is organised in a radio station.  The more organised you are when it comes to your music, the better you will be at being a DJ.

Once you have the right equipment for your venture as a DJ, a vast knowledge of music as well as the music itself, then you are ready to begin your work as a DJ.  Like any other type of music that you learn, you have to practice before you get out there before the crowd.  The more you practice, the better you will be.  Consider the idea of taking up the violin and then playing in an orchestra the first time you ever handled the instrument.  You would not do that any more than you should attempt to be a DJ without substantial practice.