Hip-hop is an urban tribal dance form that has become very popular in recent times. These days it is gaining more popularity than modern dance forms. The first hip-hop dance was seen in the early 1900s in Bronx, New York. From there the beginning of hip-hop dance took place. At that point in time, the youngsters used to dance on streets.

Hip hop dancing is a perfect way to convey our artistic quality. This is the dance form in which self-confidence is very important. The dancers should dance with their heart and soul. This dance is generally done on hip-hop music, and the body movements go with the beats of the music. If we talk about the more evolved form of hip-hop dance, then we can say that it is a combination of locking, popping, break dance and freestyle. There are continuous jumps, spins, breakages, twists in this dance style which make it more informal and volatile.

Hip hop dancing is an excellent way of doing exercise. It brings flexibility and balance in the body. It helps in coordinating our muscles. This dance style helps in improving the dance and keeps the dancers in good shape. Hip hop dancing is a kind of freestyle dancing which doesn’t have any specific steps or movements like ballet and jazz. All the traditional dance forms like ballet, jazz, ballroom dance etc. require formal training. They have their specific dance moves, but this is not the case with hip-hop. The only thing important here is that the dancer should be well versed with the dancing methods.

Hip-hop dancing can be learned by everyone who loves dancing. People of all age groups can learn this dance form. There is no age limit or restriction to it. However, this dance requires lots of hard work as the body movements in this are challenging to learn.

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