Building a massive following on social media is one of the most effective ways to promote a business and to increase your profits. In fact, if you get a big enough following on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, then this can become a money-making venture in its own right.

With thousands of people hanging off your every word and putting stock in everything you say, a significant social media channel will allow you to find sponsors for who will pay you to promote their brands and it can even ‘pre-approve’ you for a book deal! For business owners, this is a fantastic way to let your customers know about new products and services and to that way drive a ton of traffic to your site.

The only problem is that building a social media channel with a massive following is a slow and painstaking process, or at least it is perceived that way.  But what if there was a way you could create a massive social media following without dedicating countless hours to it?

The Wrong Way to do Social Media

The key is not to spend less time on social media marketing (consistent is critical for social media) but instead to change the way you approach it.  What a lot of marketers will do is to spend their day running their business and then to dedicate a few hours in the evening or at another time during their day to posting content to Twitter or Instagram, or to respond to comments and questions.

It not only wastes time but it also results in a lower quality of social media channel as you’ll be scratching your head trying to think of what new thing to post about, rather than posting because you have something exciting and worthwhile to say!
Incidental Social Media

Instead then, try to think of social media as something that you can just fit into your usual regime and around your regular schedule.
Social media is supposed to offer some insight into your routine for your followers and to let them feel as though they’re getting to know you – this is especially important for a small business or a personal brand. Likewise, a good business should always be something that you are passionate about and genuinely interested in, meaning that you should live the lifestyle that you are promoting.

It is how you are going to find things to post. This is how you are going to keep adding fresh content – only by sharing the things that you’re doing.

Let’s say you have a health and fitness business. Hopefully, you are living that lifestyle yourself. That means that you can just post pictures to Instagram showing your workouts and sharing your tips for the gym. Likewise, it says that you can Tweet about the food you’re having, or share the exciting articles you’re reading on Facebook.

Likewise, if your small business is a high street store, then why not share pictures of the team working, of new products or of your reflections on running small businesses?